Crystals, Earth Energy and Feng Shui for Nurturing


On Demand Class with LuAnn Cibik

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Crystals, Earth energy and Feng Shui for Nurturing – LuAnn Cibik

Crystals, rocks and the mineral kingdom have long been used for shifting our spaces and how we feel. Using them in our homes can be for much more than decorative or spiritual purposes, then can create a sense of feel safe, nurtured and protected.

In this masterclass with LuAnn Cibik, Master Educator of Interior Alignment ® Feng Shui and Space Clearing, discover the many ways you can use rocks and crystals to create a grounded safe feeling in your home or workspace. Learn what crystals can lift your energy and spirits up, and what crystals will keep your vibe high from people who are not at that same level. Learn about the simple tools you already have in your own home to clear away the energy of sadness, fear, or anger.

Many times we don’t even recognize the Earth energy that we have in our homes, and once recognized how you can harness it’s energy to take your space to the next level. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune at the crystals shop ( although… it does sounds super fun!). Learn how to empower your space with a crystal gridding method that can be used in apartments, home and offices.

We will go over the basics of what crystals every home should have, and how to care for them. Learn what crystals work best in the bedroom, and how to super charge your food and water with minerals.

Upon completion you will receive 1 Conscious Design Institute Credit.

LuAnn Cibik is the founder of the Inner Harmony, Inc. and the Inner Harmony School

LuAnn Cibik Teacher“I have been passionate about color, art, design, essential oils, rocks, crystals, numerology, astrology and magic since a small child. I just never knew it could be a career, and so I spent 20 year in the corporate world of information technology before I discovered that all of these amazing things are a part of the world of Feng Shui. In 1999, I began my studies with various teachers, and then become an Interior Alignment Practitioner and master teacher. I have been a full time practitioner and teacher of feng shui and space clearing since 2002, and have been blessed to teach in many beautiful places in the world and have students globally. I get to meet just the best people in my work with clients and new graduates!

As a Master Oracle card reader, Gateway Dreaming Mentor, Soul Coaching Advanced Practitioner and trainer, Clutter Clearing Coach and Color Therapy practitioner, I can offer my clients and students many avenues to enhance their life. I offer distance consultations and online life enrichment classes. I also offer an online certification program in Forest Therapy. I also know people want that ‘live’ connection with people have an online community with weekly live teleclasses, support and connection. What I love to do is assist people with achieving their dreams!

I live about an hour outside Pittsburgh PA, on 88 acres with my doggie, 4 kitties, husband, and loads of outdoor creatures who also call this their home. When I teach certification programs they are often here at my home and retreat center, and I feel so blessed to have people here to enjoy the sacred magic of the land. I would love to work with you!”

Looking forward to our connection!

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1 Hour

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1 Credit


LuAnn Cibik

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Online Class


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