Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Professional Certification • Oct 7-12, 2022


Be Certified and Accredited as a Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Professional. This program is an immersion, and in-depth study of the art of placement. The program has been specifically designed to provide you with a rich understanding of the Universal Principals of Feng Shui. Your master teachers have created a step by step, personalized, hands on training which supports modern day applications, and a current response to the science of the person – place connection.

The Conscious Intentional Feng Shui  program offers a wholistic approach of teaching, integrating societal, physics, and earth sciences, while addressing the challenges a practitioner may experience in the environment of a rapidly changing multicultural world.

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Feng Shui Professional  Program

Be Accredited and Certified in Conscious Intentional Feng Shui
Feng Shui for the 21st Century

Be Accredited and Certified in Conscious Intentional Feng Shui

Classes are personalized and interactive. Meet and Greet Friday Friday Evening, Class begins 9 am October 1 for six amazing intensive feng shui days of study and interaction.
Each student receives a professional manual, professional listing on the Conscious Design Institute Directory, and International Feng Shui Guild membership. Experience live consultations, walking feng shui tours and experiential practice in this beautiful waterfront.



Meet and Greet Friday Sept 30, 2021
Class begins 9 am, Oct 1

1. Welcome – Opening and Ceremony

Personal message
Course Overview
About the Institute – About the teachers
Ethics Statement

2. History

History of Feng Shui
Schools and Styles

3. Consulting Procedure – What does it mean to be a Feng Shui Consultant?

Power of Intention
Conscious Languaging
Client Interview and Questionnaire – Residential, Commercial

4. Feng Shui Main Concepts

The Three Laws


Chi – The Living Environment – Feng Shui Eyes
Supportive and Non Supportive (Shar Chi)
Movement of Chi
Adjusting Chi
Clutter: Where are the clutter zones/ Reading Clutter

Yin Yang
Furniture & weight of the room

5 Elements
Shape and Form

The Four Pillars of Feng Shui:
The Door, The Stove , The Bed and the Desk

Placing and Using the Bagua ,

5. Cures, Enhancements – list of 9

Traditional and Transcendental
Modern – Art, Color

6. Feng Shui Factors Considered – list of 13

7. Floor Plans – Architectural floor plans and plat assessments

Focused exercises on laying the Life Value Grid over the property and
The Organic Moving Bagua, Macro and Micro

8. Assessments- The Silent Voice of the Home

Themes, Home as a Vision Board

9. Energies of Home

History and Spirit of home and land

10. Feng Shui Exteriors – Outdoors

Landscape & Topography
Lots, Streets, House shapes
Location – Funeral homes, cemeteries, schools, etc.
Numerology and house direction

11. Feng Shui Interiors

Room by Room
Interior Architecture – arches, stairs, spiral staircase, vaulted ceilings, doors,
beams, slanted ceilings, etc.

12. Feng Shui & Health

Bau Biologie & EMF
Healthy products & Plants

13. Attunements

Interior Attunement & Manifestation
Space clearing

14. Blessings, Altars and Ceremony

15. Your Business as a Feng Shui Professional

Marketing and Pricing
Levels of Certification
IFSG membership & resources

Interactive activities and homework will be immersed in the week program.

16. Graduation


Mary Dennis, EDAC

World- Renowned Feng Shui Expert

Mary Dennis is an educator and researcher of the effects of Feng Shui and the spoken word as a life and workplace strategy. Her life-long passion has been to create healing environments. She has authored several articles on Intentional Design and has been the principal of numerous publications and TV interviews relating this ancient art to modern design concepts. She holds an AA Degree in Art and Design, from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, while doing her educational studies at Glassboro State. She is the co-founder and President Emeritus of the International Feng Shui Guild. Mary Dennis holds the title of EDAC, Evidence Based Design Accredited and Certified, by the Center for Health Design. Within her study of energy, she has become a Reiki Master.

Renae Jensen FSII

Renae Jensen -Conscious Design InstituteRenae is known for her passion for teaching and for hosting international teachers and topics to the public. Renae is a certified Feng Shui consultant and teacher with experience in Feng Shui consulting in commercial and private properties, community development planning, and business consulting. Her training in Reiki, Space Clearing and Japanese martial arts bring a deep understanding of the flow of chi – life force. Renae was host to the first International Feng Shui conferences held on the East coast of the United States, and board member of the International Feng Shui Guild. One of the greatest gifts that I have unfolded for myself is the healing power of our environment, homes, buildings, schools. This revelation has been my focus for over 18 years as I have developed my skill as a “house doctor”, fengshui expert, and space clearing consultant. Today, as founder of the Conscious Design Institute, Renae has dedicated herself to providing valuableprograms to the general public, as well as professionals in the field of real estate, architecture, design, and city planning. Her certification programs follow the Conscious Design path of integrated knowledge, leading us all to a healthier planet, one building at a time.


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