Feng Shui Your Space for Abundant Living


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Learn Feng Shui secrets to create an abundant life by arranging your space to achieve your hearts desires.

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Feng Shui Your Space

Learn Feng Shui secrets to create an abundant life by arranging your space to achieve your hearts desires.
Feng Shui principles have sustained thousands of years, to activate, create, sustain healthy, abundant and happy lives.
Find out how your front door can impact your career.
Ever wonder why bathrooms are so important in feng shui?
How about the significance of the stove in your home – do you even use it?
What is the best use of mirrors using feng shui principles?
What is going on in your bedroom?
How photographs & storage influence your relationships..

Here is what one client reported:

“Lois came to my apartment and analyzed everything about it. She then moved 3 pieces of sculpture and the result was astounding
because the relationship with my husband of 25 years improved and the direction of my business became more clarified and focused. Ann Greenberg NYC”

Upon completion you will receive 2 Conscious Design Institute Credits.

Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt., Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Lois Kramer PerezLois is the go-to expert when you’re finally ready to receive passionate relationships, a peaceful home, and a life you love. A catalyst for change, inspiring people to seek and create new possibilities for abundance in their lives, she puts her 10+ years of feng shui energy clearing to work for people to become the drivers of their destiny.

For your space: whether buying, selling, moving in moving out or just looking for a new perspective, Lois has a Feng Shui Clearing program to support you attaining your hearts desires.

For you soul: Creator the popular “30 second vacation with Lois” and more than meditation “Clear Your Stress With Conversation and Inspiration, Guided Clearing Meditation Circles”

What Lois enjoys most is “Sharin’ the Shui”, whether presenting, teaching Feng Shui and related subjects to students and professionals or working privately, educating and guiding others to find their light is her passion. Lois has been a guest on Dr Joy Show, Family Today with Maria Mirkovitch and Bronxnet TV Dr Bob Show to name a few.

A sought after presenter and speaker, Lois a published author and a faculty member of Bergen County Schools, is honored to serve the Conscious Design Institute as teaching is her passion.

Certified in Reiki, Feng Shui, Dowsing, NLP, NAP and Hypnosis Techniques, to name a few, Lois continues to enhance her skills through continuing education which she shares with clients and students.

To find out more go to: www.loiskramerperez.com

Questions? Call Lois: 201-906-5767

Or email: lois@loiskramerperez.com

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Class Duration

2 Hours

Credits Earned

2 Credits


Lois Kramer Perez

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Online Class


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