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Your clutter tells a story – About blocks, limits, congestion, and procrastination. This class offers an understanding of the nature of clutter, and offers solutions to getting our homes and offices into clear healthy energy.

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Why do we hold onto “things” that become clutter. Why is it so difficult to shift and how does it impact our lives? Where is the clutter ?
This class helps all of us ! Great for selling homes, refreshing your life, and for professionals in feng shui, space clearing, and design. Let’s create some great positive shift for us all.

This class is required for all working towards Feng Shui and Personal Coaching Professional certification.

Renae Jensen FSII

Renae Jensen -Conscious Design InstituteRenae is known for her passion for teaching and for hosting international teachers and topics to the public. Renae is a certified Feng Shui consultant and teacher with experience in Feng Shui consulting in commercial and private properties, community development planning, and business consulting. Her training in Reiki, Space Clearing and Japanese martial arts bring a deep understanding of the flow of chi – life force. Renae was host to the first International Feng Shui conferences held on the East coast of the United States, and board member of the International Feng Shui Guild. One of the greatest gifts that I have unfolded for myself is the healing power of our environment, homes, buildings, schools. This revelation has been my focus for over 18 years as I have developed my skill as a “house doctor”, fengshui expert, and space clearing consultant. Today, as founder of the Conscious Design Institute, Renae has dedicated herself to providing valuableprograms to the general public, as well as professionals in the field of real estate, architecture, design, and city planning. Her certification programs follow the Conscious Design path of integrated knowledge, leading us all to a healthier planet, one building at a time.

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Renae Jensen

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3 Hours

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3 Credits

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Online Class


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