House Whispering & Space Alchemy Series – Sandy Humby

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4 On Demand Classes with Sandy Humby
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Space Alchemy - Sandy Humby

In this class we will be exploring the very nature of home and our relationship to it. How our conscious connection with home can illuminate aspects of our Soul story that are ready to be healed. Seeing that home can be a mirror and an Alchemical Chalice for our own inner journey home to self, to Love.

During the class we will cover:

  • The elements that make up the ‘note’ of a space
  • Whether the energy is fractal and life enhancing
  • What constitutes a sick building?
  • Creating spaces to support good health on all levels
  • What is Sacred Space
  • Can a home be a true Sanctuary for the Soul?
  • I will be sharing the basics of my own protocols for a client consultation.
  • Reading the story
  • Resolution – tools for Alchemy and transformation
  • Recalibrating the space for the client

Spirit and other Energies - Sandy Humby

In this class we will be exploring the nature of the energies that we can find resident in homes and other spaces.

What I am calling Spirit energies and entity energies have a different frequency and origin.

During this class we will cover:

  • What are Spirit energies?
  • What are signs of a Spirit presence?
  • How the Spirit gets anchored in a space?
  • Why the Spirit might be there
  • Does the Spirit have a message?
  • How can that help the owner of the property?
  • How to approach Spirit release
  • What are Entity energies?
  • How are they different to Spirit presences?
  • Levels of approach to clear Entity energy
  • Other energies that may be found.

Earth Energies - Sandy Humby

In this class we will be exploring Earth Energies, Ley Lines, Hartmann and Curry Grids, Vortexes and Portals. We will be viewing this from a perspective of how that affects our energy for life via our personal Earth Star Chakra and also the energy of our homes and spaces.

During the class we will cover…

  • What do we mean by Earth Energies… are they natural or manmade?
  • Different types of earth grids and their direction of flow
  • What information the energy lines can carry
  • Manmade grids such as Reschel grids
  • Vortexes created by grid lines
  • Vortexes creates by earth currents
  • Telluric fields
  • Cosmic Portals.
  • Global earth currents such as the Rose Line and Emperor Dragon lines

Everything is Energy - Sandy Humby

In this class we will be exploring how you keep your energy clear and vertically aligned when working with Space Alchemy

During this class we will cover…

  • 101 Energy Hygiene protocols for Space Alchemy
  • Refining your senses
  • How to prepare for doing the clearing
  • Awareness in the days before
  • What to look for
  • Being fully present
  • Getting triggered :)
  • Cutting cords
  • Clean up once home
  • Recognising what’s not yours
  • And more….

Upon completion you will receive 1 Conscious Design Institute Credit per class and 4 Credits for the full set.

Sandy Humby

Sandy is a multi-faceted Pranic Healer, Energy Alchemist and House Whisperer with almost 40years experience in weaving her innate Creativity with the Ancient Healing Arts. She is the creative channel for Rose Alchemy, The Rose Oracle for the Heart and Rose classes, retreats and gorgeous energy supporting products. Sandy is an educator, wisdom keeper and inspiring guide for those seeking to live their lives from an embodied place of Heartfelt Compassion, Kindness and Authentic personal empowerment.

Her creative expression has taken her through 20 years as a Couture Wedding Dress Designer in the 80’s and 90’s with a studio team and retail shops, creating unique and beautiful clothing to enhance the natural radiance of her clients. Her work was seen on many catwalks in stunning locations, in exhibitions and featured in major publications. In 2000 Sandy turned to her creative attention to Interior Design, exploring the concept of healing space and the home being a Sacred Sanctuary for the Soul. For this work she was a finalist in Design Awards in London in 2003.

The fascination with spaces continued with the exploration of a deeper understand of the psychology of home. This took her to hundreds of client consultations throughout Europe, UK and into East Coast USA as a House Whisperer. She created a unique way of reading spaces energetically and dowsing, clearing and healing the past stories to reveal the true heart of home for her clients. Sandy was involved in a tv pilot for this work in 2011 and in 2015 she also appeared in Million Pound Movers on Chanel 5 tv in the UK.

In 2010 as she walked through the Rose gardens at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain another aspect of her path of work opened and blossomed. Through the lens of her camera the Roses in the gardens called her offering their whispered messages of Love. From there the Way of The Rose classes and the beautiful, unique, Rose Alchemy Rose Oracle for the Heart was birthed. The 1st edition was published in 2014 and launched with a presentation at the UN in New York. The expanded 2nd edition was published 2019. Each of the 52 Roses in the Oracle carries a frequency and a channelled message of Love and hundreds of her Rose Oracles have now gone around the world touching and healing hearts.

Some of the places she has presented classes and seminars are:

The Salus Group at The United Nations, New York.
The International Feng Shui conference in Budapest
The British Society of Dowsers Conference, UK
One World Festival in Bath and Kent UK
The Open Centre, NY
The Meta Centre, NY
The Theosophical Society, NY
Namaste Bookstore, NY
Wainwright House, Rye New York
The Chalice Well, Glastonbury UK
American Society of Dowsers Convention in Saratoga Springs NY
Unity Church, Sedona, AZ New Consciousness Conference, Orlando, FL

Sandy lives in the beautiful New Forest, Hampshire, England

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Online Class


Sandy Humby

Class Duration

4 x 60 Mins

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4 Credits


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