Conscious Languaging – Level 1 Distant Learning – 6 Week Program


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Conscious Languaging

The Conscious Languaging Level I, is a Distant Learning, 6-week program. The class is straight forward, hands on, and easy to learn information. The program is geared to have an immediate influence on your life’s success. The weekly assignments and personal interactions have been designed to achieve an easy to understand, self- analysis of your language system and its influence on your well-being and your successes.  The program is intended to move you from the language of self-sabotage to a specific language of achievement, through the power of conscious choice.

You will walk away understanding that your words are potent tools for creating your hearts desires.

Mary Dennis will demonstrate how language, the words you are familiar with, hinder or help in your personal and professional relationships. How your choice of words can empower your clients and enrich your lives. You will learn how words shape our consciousness, and how our language and our feelings directly influence our health, wealth, success, unity and our abilities of understanding. Your relationship with words will be completely transformed in a positive, enriching, regenerative way.

Words Matter!

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Mary Dennis, EDAC

Mary Dennis is an educator and researcher of the effects of Feng Shui and the spoken word as a life and workplace strategy. Her life-long passion has been to create healing environments. She has authored several articles on Intentional Design and has been the principal of numerous publications and TV interviews relating this ancient art to modern design concepts. She holds an AA Degree in Art and Design, from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, while doing her educational studies at Glassboro State. She is the co-founder and President Emeritus of the International Feng Shui Guild. Mary Dennis holds the title of EDAC, Evidence Based Design Accredited and Certified, by the Center for Health Design. Within her study of energy, she has become a Reiki Master.

Her quest for understanding the person place connection and the experiential effect of place has been her driving force. Her life’s work has been to prove that design can impact human outcomes. To this point, she has been engaged in creating healing environments for both residential and commercial spaces since 1988. With a professional background in both Feng Shui and social science, Mary Dennis’ research focuses on the relationship between the built environment and the well- being of its occupants. Expertise in design research gives her the tools to quantitate both the success of projects through pre-and post-occupancy evaluations, and side-by-side comparison studies. With this expertise, she melds décor, conscious languaging, and the balance of energy to create a complete design integration. This design result is “felt and experienced” and has become a signature for her work. The blending of design and sensory experience has created the catch phrase “Interior Attunement”.

MD, as she is affectionately called, successfully combined ‘Conscious Languaging’ with her intentional design, by identifying words that shape our lives. She states, “Our language and our feelings directly influence our health, wealth, success, unity and our abilities of understanding.” Her awareness of the “I Am” words is used as an approach to a positive co-creation and experience of life.

One of her most celebrated achievements is the Intentional Design of a collaborative environment for Corporate America which received the ARDA (American Resort Development Association) award, and Silver Certification from USGBC (United States Green Building Council), which deemed the project as an “integrated wholistic design”. MD elevated this consciousness to mainstream America by co-founding The International Feng Shui Guild. She is the Director of The School of Graceful Lifestyles, where many graduates furthered Intentional Design Awareness across the globe. Although she is proud of these accomplishments, she is proudest of the fact that her intentional designs have facilitated over 6 million people around the world.

She can be reached at: marydennis@ConsciousLife.Style


“As for the Conscious Languaging tele classes, they supported me in continuing to breakdown self-limiting beliefs and to help me become even more aware of how I sabotage myself and my heart’s desires through my words, thoughts and beliefs. Even though I have been doing energy work for 10+years, MD’s class allowed me to go deeper with my programming and helped me to rewire and re-story some old lingering programming. The group dynamic was supportive, and I looked forward to connecting with everyone each week. I plan to continue with conscious languaging II and see where it takes me on my journey.”
–Krista Polinsky, Feng Shui and Energy Medicine Practitioner

“The Conscious Languaging Program has helped me to identify self-sabotaging, negative words and thoughts. It has also given me the tools to transform my thoughts and words to live a more positive, harmonious, and balanced life. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to increase their awareness, improve their relationships, and experience life with peace and happiness.”
–Kathleen Carter

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Online Class


Mary Dennis

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6 x 1.5 Hours

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9 Credits


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