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Conscious Design Institute - Space Clearing Certification Program


I would like to thank all of you for joining our unique intensive certification program in Space Clearing. Space Clearing is a unique calling, and a much needed service. My purpose is to share my knowledge and experience with you and to provide you with resources to empower you in the world of Space Clearing.

This program is designed as an intensive, for many of those that have traveled from afar, and would like to have an immersion program that is rich in knowledge and hand on experience.

There are several required online classes that will enrich your knowledge and create a strong foundation.  Master teachers Sandy Humby  Lois Kramer Perez  and David Price Francis are both energy experts and space clearing professionals. The rest of the work is live and experiential.

Our program is located at the Hope Wellness Center, in the historic town of Hope, New Jersey, USA.  Classes are held in the zen, warm atmosphere of Hope Wellness, as well as some
additional outings, including being on live consultations during the week. There are local places to stay, and a list is available on the Wellness website at:

Until we meet, with much gratitude,
Renae Jensen, FSII

Conscious Design Institute
PO Box 430, Hope NJ 07844
Phone: 908 797-5225, Email: